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BIO 簡介

Kenny Yu, a registered physiotherapist in both Hong Kong and New Zealand, focus on patient-centred care, clinical skills development, educational services and physio business management over the last 16 years and still enjoy all the joy and tears in his every single working day in different role. He believes in exchanging ideas and sharing views with different professions and general public to improve the medical services at a lower cost and more realistic way.

鄙人為香港及紐西蘭註冊物理治療師,醉心物理治療工作十六載,過往主要於香港診治,推廣業界課程及診所經營。相信透過各種交流與運動、傳媒、教育、保險、醫學界、政府部門及市民大眾一起提升醫療質素及有效控制成本。亦聯繫各國精英為本港物理治療發展及技術提供培訓選項。曾為香港野外定向隊隨隊治療師。獲香港理工大學物理治療學一級榮譽學士。曾於伊利沙伯醫院的深切治療部,急症室,骨科與內科病房等部門工作。於廣州中山大學醫學院完成物理治療針灸文憑,也是澳洲臨床普拉提導師(Clinical Pilates instructor),及後於新西蘭奧塔哥大學物理治療修讀碩士課程,其關於普拉提運動科研將刊登國際醫學期刊。於新西蘭奧塔哥大學物理治療修讀碩士課程,其關於普拉提運動科研將刊登國際醫學期刊。同時小弟聯合創辦適啟醫療集團,同事數十合作無間,診所靈活運作。及後淡出管理工作,移居海外,繼續專注診症及業內培訓、顧問等工作。

After graduation, Kenny started practicing as a registered physiotherapist in government hospital in his early stage of career, where he gains valuable experiences while working in different units including orthopaedics wards, emergency units, intensive care units and so on. Hospital work was full on and he was trying to see as many patients as possible with a base standard of care. Commonly he was seeing more than 50 patients a day. He felt miserable. He knew this is not what's health care about. After a few years, he switched his job into different settings, private hospitals, private clinics. 'Its not about the money. You can charge a lot more in private setting yet still receiving similar standard of services as in the government  hospital'. There was not an option for his definition of physiotherapy services. 'Can we seeing one patient at a time, not just rushing around to apply different therapies on to a few patients at the same time?' 'can we make a better attempt on individual diagnosis, sourcing out the root of the problem and provide custom-made management plan'. Finally he found that is not impossible. Clinics in overseas and very few clinics in Hong Kong did that. We just need a bigger momentum to upgrade our services in the market.

Searching for the answer for patients to fix their problem, Kenny went through a whole series of training since graduation. It could be easily turned into a 7 days week physiotherapy work. Some of the highlight included the the journey of pursuing acupuncture diploma in Guangzhou. Later he found the pure use of the theory from the meridian and chi model from traditional medicine was effective but combining the western dry needle technique would make it a very powerful tool for physio to tackle muscle tension and nerve conduction problem. When he found settling muscle and joint pain and calming down the nervous system only fixing the symptom but not guarantee to stop recurrence. He started to investigate further more into movement behaviour of human body and eventually came up to the answer with Clinical Pilates and studying with movement pattern. The area is so fascinating so he took a step forward to spend a good two years back to the campus for the investigation. He landed himself to University of Otago in New Zealand and finished his research and published into international medical journal with the help of the school and DMA Clinical Pilates which based in Melbourne, Australia. After returning to Hong Kong, Kenny actively involved in the teaching of the DMA Clinical Pilates principles to improve the value movement based analysis for physiotherapists.

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Kenny Physio Modern Cupping Method Back Demo.PNG

As a sports lover who is particular interested in surfing and standup paddle, helping athletes has always been a colourful highlight. He has been involved various of sports events. As an orienteering lover in high school. He remained a close relationship with the sports and worked as physiotherapist for Hong Kong Orienteering Team in 2010. To further promote the idea of sports physiotherapy, he served as an educational advisor in the executive committee for Sports specialty Group of Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association.

Kenny Yu was the co-founder of SKP Medical Group. The group started as single physio practice in 2008 and rapidly build to a business with 10 services locations with 18 physiotherapists in Hong Kong. The team emphasise 'one to one' best standard individual consultation for patients was the successful formula, for both patient centre services and staff retention. The Group acquired by listed medical company in 2018 and Kenny eventually step down from the leadership role. He is now based in New Zealand and continuing his physiotherapy services and skills development for the profession.

Kenny has been developed Modern Cupping Method since 2017 that integrate traditional cupping technique with physiotherapy principle to target soft tissue tension. It has been showing great result clinically and his is continuing the research and promotion of it. INTRODUCTION of workshop and details can be found Here.

physiotherapy training
Physiotherapy Training
Physio Kenny Yu
  • Master of Physiotherapy, University of Otago, New Zealand

  • Postgraduate Diploma of Physiotherapy, University of Otago, New Zealand

  • Diploma on Acupuncture for Physiotherapists; Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Medical School, Sun Yat-Sen University

  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Certified DMA Clinical Pilates Instructor

  • Certified lecturer of World Balance Taping Medical Association 

  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

  • Senior Sports First Aid Instructor

  • Qigong Baduanjin Rehabilitation Instructor; Hong Kong Health Qigong Club Chinese Hong Kong Health Qigong Limited

  • On-field Sports Physiotherapy Certificate- Level 1 and 2; The Accident & Emergency Training Centre, Hospital Authority

  • Male Erectile Dysfunction Masterclass; Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Pelivc Floor physiotherapy certificate course; Hemax

  • Anatomy Train Myofascial Meridians; Kinesis

  • Muscle Energy Technique for Sacrum; Therapeutic Systems Incorporated

  • Craniosacral Therapy Approach CST-1; Acorn Seminars, Inc

  • Lower Limb Biomechanics Module 1 & 2; Internation College of Biomechanics

  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of Lumbar Spine;The McKenzie Institute International

  • Muscle Energy Technique for Pelvis; Therapeutic Systems Incorporated

  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging in Physiotherapy Practice:PolyU

  • Brian Mulligan’s Concepts Mobilizations With Movement, NAGS ETC. – upper Quadrant: HKPA

  • Acupuncture Using Myofascial Trigger point approach; Cosmo integrated Healthcare centre

  • Segmental Acupuncture on Clinical Practice; Acupuncture Specialty Group, HKPA

  • 龍氏治脊療法(入門班);Manual Therapy Specialty Group,HKPA

  • 醫手法治療頸椎相關疾病;;廣東省中醫藥科技發展交流中心

  • 經筋療法研習班; 環宇綜合健康中心

  • 手法治療四肢關節骨盆旋移相關疾病;廣東省中醫藥科技發展交流中心

Sports- related experiences
Kenny Yu Sports Physiotherapist
  • Team Physiotherapist for Rugby League Team of University of Otago

  • Team-Physiotherapist for Hong Kong Orienteering team in Junior World Orienteering Championships

  • Team-Physiotherapist for Hong Kong Orienteering team in the 2nd Asian Orienteering Championships 2010

  • On-site physiotherapist for Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

  • On-site physiotherapist for Oxfam Trailwalker

  • On-site physiotherapist for East Asian Game 2009

  • On-site physiotherapist for Hong Kong ITU Triathlon Asian Cup

  • Medical assistant for Hong Kong Seven Rugby Tournament

  • On-site physiotherapist for China Coast Marathon

  • On-site physiotherapist for Local Orienteering Team

  • On-site physiotherapist for Green Power Hike

  • On-site physiotherapist for International Sandbeach Handball and Volleyball Tournament

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