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Disguish yourself with Traditioal Chinese Medicine Practioner, yet make a good use of the valued tradional technquie and modifed it with physiotherapy reeaoning and advance a more handy and safe way to release the fasica system.

TMJ Disorders with Christopher Lo

August 12, 2016

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Disorders - a musculoskeletal condition not uncommonly seen; it affects approximately 6-12% of the adult population. The symptoms include local pain, neck pain & headache, incompleted mouth opening or closure, otalgia and tinnitus etc. The condition is usually underlooked and the importance of rehabilitation is not well established.

Dr. Jeremy Lewis: Theory & Practice

August 04, 2016

Models of shoulder assessment including the Shoulder Symptom Modification Procedure (Lewis JS 2009) British Journal of Sports Medicine) and a new model for staging the continuum of rotator cuff tendinopathy (Lewis JS 2010) British Journal of Sports Medicine) will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on clinical reasoning to support management decisions.

Chronic Ankle instability: Diagnosis & Treatment

April 18, 2016

A combined sharing session between Physiotherapist and Orthopaedics Surgon on the view of managment of the topic.

Dr. Alison Grimaldi Hip & Pelvis Workshop

Alison from University of Queensland in Australia completed two days workshop nicely with physio from Hong Kong for the use of Ultrasound imaging and common tendinopathies of Hip and Pelvis ...


Completed on 28 Feb 2016, Check out the photo




Business Strategy Series: Think & Succeed

It is the workshop I like most. Through my whole career training we have been taught extensively with clinical skills. Yet, our training should not be limited to physiotherapy skills. WE have to spread the idea of 'Great physiotherapy servies to the public by all means. Brand building is the way to spread our belief and idea. Branding yourself and your bussiness, and for our profession.


Completed on 5 Sept 2016, CHECK OUT the PHOTO


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Professional workshop: THINK AND Think again Consolidate your reasoning skills

The very first clinical reasoning skills course avaliable in town. We all know this is the most crutical element to work as a physio. Unfortunately, very few textbook, very limited channel for sharing in this area. Maybe its too complicated, maybe its too simply. We have a simple way to share with you. This is more than one type of clinical reasoning, and we are not going to compare the best way to think, rather, we will develop our own way of thinking step by step together.


Pending November 2016


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Professional workshop: THINK AND TAPE Advance balance taping method

It's not about which brand of the tape you use. It's about how you tape it. Basic colourful taping workshop can easily be found in else where or even self learning online. Intergrate clinical reasoning and expereince that fit to local circumtance is the key for application. With a very high tutor to student ratio to achieve the best learning experiences. Its more than just a general taping workshop.


Completed on Dec 2013, CHECK OUT the PHOTO


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Professional workshop: THINK AND PRESS Soft Tissue release

Very quick review on common manual skills to duel with different common problems and injuries in different body part. Simple skills, practical base learned over the weekend and all ready to be apply on your first patient on the monday morning..


Completed in 2014, CHECK OUT the PHOTO


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Professional workshop: THINK AND STRAP Essential sports taping skills

Undergraduate students or fresh graduates are lack of opportunity to learn important and essnital taping technques for both athletes and emergency scenario. To discover the beauty of simple taping technquie and start using and practicing now.


Completed in July 2015, CHECK OUT the PHOTO


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On-field Series: Track Running Event

March 26, 2016

We support a series of running event including China Coast Marathon, Round the Island Run, ITU triathlon race, etc. They are great opportunities to get in touch with our team, exchange ideas amount physio, share knowledge with junior staff and students and promote our profession.


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On-field Series: The Gentlemen sports

Rubgy is an amazing sports that physiotherapist on-site support is essential. One of the best area to prove the value of us. It's not an easy task to handle a team but the experiences are defintely fruitful. We provide in-house training to gear up therapists to attach with teams and build up valuable relationship with the sports and the players


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