After a recommendation from a friend I booked myself and appointment to see Kenny. I had on going issues from 7 year prior, when I had fractured my hip from over training. Since then I had recurring problems on the side of my body. Every time I would recover from one injury ! would start training again to then have yet another problem. My latest problem I had when I met Kenny was Plantar Fascitis, with the pain that bad at some points I could not walk on my heel. Over a course of year, I had spent a fortune with the Podiatrist for orthodics, tried many different physio Therapists and none of this mad much difference. Kenny had a different approach to everyone else I had seen, he looked at fixing the cause of the problem not just trying to fix "the problem". He did not touch my foot in our sessions together, where all the other therapists had and he found the root of the problem for all my injuries. Within a short period of time the pain in my foot had gone along with other niggling pains and I've been able to get back to my running again. I'm so grateful that I met Kenny and he now has me back on track after such a long period of time with injuries.
- Gail Collins




I first met Kenny at the ITU HK Triathlon back in 2013, where I pulled up with a calf injury and we immediately booked an appointment in his clinic. Over the course of the last 1.5 years, I normally email or call Kenny 3-4 weeks before I have a race to get his urgent help to fix an ongoing calf issue. Kenny has always been very quick to diagnose and treat the calf and has me race and training ready within a cpl of sessions. For me, Kenny is an expert with the needles (acupuncture) and this has really helped me get back to full fitness as quickly as possible. As a result of this, I have recommended Kenny to 2-3 of my friends who I believe have been “fixed” by Kenny’s magic touch. I wish I didn’t see Kenny as often as I do, but when I do you are always welcomed by a friendly and warm team.

- Simon Dedman


I suffered from long-term neck pain n back pain, and have been doing yoga n visiting other physio before, I felt better but not totally healed.  I would like to have my last 10-15% totally cured for a worry free body.  I got referral to Queen Rehab Centre (QRC) in central, I'm very impressed by the professional consultation n therapy of mr Kenny Yu.  He did thorough consultation for diagnosis, introduced treatment I never be advised in the past, arranged pilate customized to my condition, emailed me with good n bad postures for my practices at home, etc.  I strongly recommend my friends who need physio services to try this total consumer experience in order to stay wellness  :-)  

- Liza Wang

Kenny Yu was referred to me by a friend. I had resigned myself to living with a stiff, weak and swollen knee a year on from knee surgery. The inflamed synovial membrane which provides lubrication and cushion to the knee joint had been removed resolving excruciating pain but then rendered my knee unstable to the point where I could only limp at a slow pace with a walking stick for a year thereafter. Prior to surgery, I was fairly active with regular hiking, wake boarding and yoga. Post surgery, because the knee remained swollen, immobile and weak, I could not exercise and the leg's muscles started to waste away. Over time this caused one side of my body to compensate for the weakened leg. This had the knock on effect of causing my back to go out so I could neither stand straight nor walk for weeks at a time.  


I saw a number of physiotherapists over the years with no real improvement to the knee and no solution to the back. And then Kenny started treating me. He listened and asked plenty of questions about my previous activities to build a picture of what had gone wrong to cause the pain in the knee and to figure out where the initial problem started from. The surgery had made the knee numb to any feeling but had not solved what caused the inflammation in the first place.


From the first couple of sessions with Kenny, there was such a marked improvement to the knee's mobility, I knew I was in very capable hands. He used a variety of techniques to first get the swelling down in the knee; dry needling used in combination with Kinesio sports tape, suction cups and manual manipulation to mobilize the knee and the back. Over time, my knee recovered to the point where I could hike again and my back stabilized.


He was always keen to find the underlying cause and worked towards correcting that.  Each session was a lengthy discussion about the latest techniques as he attends and gives talks in a number of areas to do with physiotherapy. After he sorted my knee I didn't see him for 2 years as he went to do a further post graduate diploma in Physiotherapy in New Zealand. During his absence, I dislocated my shoulder and was then diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. I saw numerous physiotherapists with no relief. Fortunately for me, he came back to Hong Kong a few of months after this happened and helped to mobilize the arm again. Usually frozen shoulders can take 12 months to heal but with his help, mine was more or less back in 8 months.


Thanks to him, I have gone back to many of my previous activities.

 - Charlotte Leung

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