When a plant's leaves are turning brown, you don't paint the leaves green. You look at the cause of the problem


Dr. Frank Lipman


I believe your pain is different from his/her pain, even they are in the exact same spot. Therefore, Care-Customization is the key: Lower the cost, better the outcome read more...

No drugs, medicine or chemical. Nothing invasive. Purely physical means to promote the healing within our boddy and search for the root of the problem. Knee is not just a knee but the whole mechanic of the lower limb. A Holistic approach in respect to different body parts work toegher read more...


Take a look at patient's feedback and comment on Kenny's and his Team's managment program read more...


We believe everyone in our physiotherapy team is porviding the best services as Kenny does. Beacuse we treat each of your as individual, with the same attitude read more...


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