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Coming together is a beginning;

keeping together is progress;

working together is Success.

Henry Ford



It's my honour to have physio visiting my page


Kenny Yu Physio
My Wish, Our Training


We highlight the importance of team playing. We can be a very succesful practicitoner on an individual base. However, to help general public to understand the needs to look after their own health in a better way, we need a strong group. I hope you have been ready to take up the challenge as once qualified as a physio.


As we focus to provide physiotherapy service to our valuable client on one-to-one basis, we do provide support for our staff beyond their clinical skills. Effective communication and interpersonal skills, and empathetic listening are as important as your technique.


Of course, ongoing professional training including manual technique, needle and cupping, taping, clinical pilates and electhrotherapy are the fun part to develop in your career as a physio.

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