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We cannot find two identical bodies in the world. Your pain is different from mine even they are at the exact same spot. Management to pain and diseases should be customized and individual based. We are not satisfied with average results through standardized treatment. We are aiming at the best result through tailor-made management plan. Remember, pain is just a symptom. The reasons causing it are the problems. Customized-care can help us identify the root of the problem right from the origin. It helps to provide individualized and specific advices on the activities you participate. It helps you prevent potential hazards while you are on the way to achieve your personal goal. Early intervention helps you save future costs from diagnostic checkups and invasive procedures.

We can standardize treatment to fulfill basic health needs;

but we have to customize to achieve long lasting result.

Unfortunately most people lives in city are too busy to get sick. modern lifestyle does not allow us to listen to our body, research into treatment method and takes time to heal. We over rely on quick fix, contributing to huge bias on resources investing into pills and injection. With the help of medication we are tends to delay to look into the real problem, the alarm that our body sending us the message of please look into it, and investing more time and care to respect the engine that drives us to whatever we want. 

We also have the bias on over rely on technology. We trust the scan, the blood result and the data from our body and analysis by the computer. But we forgot to do our own scanning. Usually small details that matters and count. The way we sit, the way we walk and the way we turn that adding towards the stress to the body, from top to bottom, for soft tissue to hard bone. Rather than fixing the joint deterioration and bone problem at the late stage, why don't we looking into the way we move and avoid the stress to soft tissue right at the beginning? 

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