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How Physiotherapy Can Help?


Physio is your life long health partner. We look after patients from providing stretching and movement training for infant to stroke rehabiltation training and maintenance exercise to elderly. See how physiotherapy can help one's from newborn to old and from head to bottom.

Muscle and Joint pain from Sedentary lifestyle


Our body is not designed for long hours of sitting. If god knows we are using our body as the way we do right now, we should have 4 spines (which keep us stable). short leg, long arms and fingers. However, we are using the same muscles and bones almost identical to our ascent who use it for running miles to do hunting or huge physical work in the farm. That's where all problems are from.


Common issue: Tension headache; neck pain, prolapse disc in Low back

Sports injuries from professional Athletes to weekend warriors


Most of us do not exercise regularly still expect to perform at the level once we take part in. In addition, our minds still think that we are at a very young age even few extra pounds and bad posture can put extra stress on our body as getting older. Both traumatic impact injury and repetitive overues strain can be found in both elite athletes to amateur sports lover. From Shoulder to Toes, from ballet dance to social rubgy game.


Common issue: Shoulder impingment; tennis elbow; golfer's elbow; Runner's knee; sprain ankle; knee's ligamentus injury

Post operation care and rehabilitation exercise

Half of the success of a surgery rely on the post-operational care.

successful surgery is essential to correct structural deformity and fix the damage structure. Rehabiltation exercise is the key to rebuild muscle strength and joint range of motion and learning the importance of correct movement pattern to avoid the re-damage to the structure.


Common issue: Anterior Cruital Ligatment (ACL) reconstruction; Rotator cuff muscle tear; shoulder and knee arthroscopy, fixation of bone fraucture; Total hip and knee joint replacement. spinal surgery for joint fusion and hernated disc.

Shoulder pain developed from thoracic surugery; back pain developed from abdominal surgery

For mommy-to-be and new mum


There are a lot of changes happening in the body during pregnancy. Looking after your own health is essential to have an easy and relaxed labour. It also provides a good support for the hard work in motherhood. Post labour care is equally important. Esepcially when abdominal muscles have been over-stretched during pregnancy. Physiotherapy also plays a significant role in a lot of pain issues related to taking care newborn. Check out our website for Kids Health


Common issue: Low back pain, pain in tail bone area (sacroiliac joint pain), pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, incontinence, abdominal diastasis , thumb pain.

Kids Health - save our future medical expense


Starting the prevention as early as possible. Stop the back pain for our kids suffering like us right now when they are young. Kids health issue is needed to be addressed for long. Children's flat feet can turn into knee and hip pain when they grow up. Heavy school bag is the predisposing factor of poor postural and muscle imbalance. Sports injury in teenagers should not be ignored. Fixing the kid's problem is avoiding the future medical cost for our next generation. Check out our website for Kids Health



Neurology condition - Balance and co-ordination



Degeneration is something we cannot stop. However, we can choose to maintaining body functioning in the best way to provide a life of quality. Exercise for the muscle, balance training are essential. 


Common issue: Stroke, dementia, Ataxis,

newborn to old

How we help through your life


How we help through your whole body

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