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Name of Physio

與學生討論: 物理治療的簡稱應用 'PHYSIO'。是物理治療'Physiotherapy'的短寫。正確無誤。'P.T.' 可以是代表其他的。你可以說其實是'PHYSICAL THERAPY',那是美式英語,不是本港的註冊機構,學院,學會與業界慣用。再者用'Physiotherapy'的地方物理治療發展較全面(另作討 論),還是向較好的學習吧!

物理治療師稱作'Physio' 同樣適用, 你會稱朋友Dave(David), Ben (Benjamin), 絕不會是阿D阿B吧!


'PT' is the short form that commonly used by students refer to physiotherapy in Hong Kong. 'Physio' would be a much better way as it is unique for 'Physiotherapy'. Obviously PT stand for 'Physical Therapy' which is original from the State. However, with the tradition in Hong Kong using British English we should keep it as the same way as the board, education institute and the association to avoid confusion for general public.

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