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解剖學的意義:物理治療能在西醫領域成為專課,獲醫生及大眾專重,因為運用學養,邏輯,經驗為病人斷症。學生在學苦讀人體結構,屍體標本 (Cadaver)翻來複去研究一整年,把筋骨關係,肌肉紋理,血液神經供應弄得明白,奠下基礎。這不是普通書籍電腦圖片的人體學習,而是由內到外對於身 體軟組織(soft tissue),正如電腦的軟件(software),作深入理解。

Physio 有責任確保業界對屍體標本研究的機會,這是對普羅大眾將來繼續接受Physio高水平治療的承諾。

Anatomy is one of the core subject for physio study in University. The understand of human body through cadaver (human specimen) unmask the relationship between all the soft tissues, circulation and nervous systems. It was a painful but fruitful fundamental training. Physio can eventually intergrade their knowledge, reasoning, beliefs and experience to fix patient.

It will be very disappointing if the exposure of cadaver studies is limited by the resource allocation in school. We physio have to do our very best to ensure the physio services in future with adequate training as usual.

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