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World Physiotherapy Day

Physiotherapy- future trend in health care (as Below).


1.掌握西醫診斷精髓,配合科硏循證治療: 斷症準確,治療方法客觀有例證,所以醫生信賴轉介、保險也樂意提供保障。

2.天然簡單治本方法,近乎完全沒有副作用: 有別於吞進肚子的化學藥物,治療目標是啓動身體自癒能力,方法是透過簡單物理原理及運動促進自身收復功能。

3.低成本醫學成為減輕社會付擔的出路: 當整個世界都討論如何降低醫成本,大家都努力尋找不靠只能舒緩病徴,不動高成本的手術而能普及大眾受惠的治病防患的方法。大量醫學文獻力證下,物理治療既是傳統,也是未來。


Happy World Physiotherapy Day!

I can foresee physiotherapy is going to be the mainstream health management in near future. Medical professions have great trust on us with proper clinical reasoning and well supported evidence-based treatment. Physiotherapy aims at promoting self-healing that avoid rely on chemical and medication. Most importantly, this is the alternative to high-costing surgery and prolong medication for symptomatic relief. It is the way to benefit the society that facing problems of ageing population and increasing burden to medical system. Feel free to share this and have a wonderful World Physiotherapy Day!

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